Training others to deal with disasters in the State of West Virginia,
the surrounding areas and nationally.


When a disaster strikes locally, regionally, or nationally, many of us feel the need to reach out to those neighbors affected.  We feel their pain, loss and suffering. Jesus Christ encourages us to extend our hand in love, support, prayer, and encouragement.

A very large part of being able to help others in times of crisis is making sure that you have the kind of training and skill that can be put to good use.

Community Lutheran Partners is honored to be part of that training in the West Virginia - Western Maryland Synod. Working with congregations, CLP has developed long-range plans for the Synod’s response ministry. 

 If your congregation would be interested in working with CLP to develop your ministry in times of disaster, please contact the office at (304)312-4222.

“Noah’s Story: Individual and Family Preparedness”. 



Noah is a vibrant 7-year old who loves swimming and Suzanne is a mom who loves her children more than anything else in the world. On Nov. 29, 2005, Noah died in a house fire. Noah’s mom, Suzanne, is hoping that by sharing his story she may help us save the life of a loved one. Suzanne said Noah’s story may have ended very differently if they had practiced what to do in a fire emergency. “When a fire happens, it is instantaneous that they know what to do that very minute. A lot of times we take for granted that we know what to do when we really don’t,” says fire educator Wanda Willis. 

 The night the smoke alarm woke her family, Suzanne went upstairs to get her kids out of the house. She then went to call 911 and find the family pet. Her 9-year old daughter followed but Noah didn’t. When the fire department got inside, it was too late. Suzanne hopes that her advice will help save another life.

1. Make sure all homes have working smoke alarms.
2. Practice what family members should do and where they should go if the smoke alarm goes off.
3. Parents should not ignore smoke alarms! 

It sets a good example for your children.

 “It’s unbearable every day. You wake up and you just want to put you head under the covers but you can’t,” says Suzanne. She is hoping that by sharing Noah’s story with you it will prevent this tragedy from happening to another family.

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