Our Mission  

To  enable and support congregations of the West Virginia Western Maryland Synod

and others in service to their neighbors.


Executive Director

Reverend Sherrie Schafer


Board of Directors

Reverend Carl Ames - President
Reverend Joel Richter - Vice President
Brian Felici - Treasurer
Kim Propst - Secretary
Kathy Chapman, Bishop's Designee
Dan Lauffer
Reverend Ronald Kreinensieck
Carol Glotfelty-Bass
James Snyder
Steve Gneg

Community Lutheran Partners, Inc. (CLP), a  501 (c) (3) nonprofit Social Ministry Organization (SMO), was formed in 2002 to facilitate social ministry development in the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod

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Community Lutheran Partners, Inc
141 Kruger St PO Box 3054
Wheeling, West Virginia 26003

Phone: +1 304 312-4222+1 304 312-4222

E-mail: clp@clp-online.org

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