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Disaster Relief Volunteer placement process

1. Contact the agency at

2. Once we receive your email, you will receive a Team Information record. Please fill this out to the best of your ability at that time and return it to CLP. 

3. Once we receive the team information sheet, CLP reaches out to the Long Term Recovery Groups (LTRG)....

4 They look at your dates and skill sets and one of the LTRG's claims your team for their recovery effort.

5. CLP will send an email introducing the volunteer group coordinator to the LTRG coordinator. (everyone is cc'd in the email)

6. The LTRG coordinator will establish contact with the volunteer team coordinator.

7. Once Executive Director Sherri sees that a line of communication has been established between the two groups, she takes herself out of the middle of the communication. If requested, she will intervene at any point there is a breakdown in communication or if another problem arises.

8. The LTRG arranges your lodging, your work site details, and has any information you may need on the area in which you will be volunteering. 

9. Once you have been claimed, CLP will send you another email containing the forms that are required for us to stay in compliance with our insurance. These may be sent back via regular mail, scanned, or faxed to
This process takes time. The folks in southern WV serving on the LTRG's are volunteers. Many of the coordinators may have other jobs during the day and their response time may not be immediate.  Many volunteer groups will be claimed and know the county but the information of where you will be staying or the nature of the work may not be forthcoming until about 2-3 weeks prior to your arrival date. I understand that this causes anxiety (for CLP too) but please know that every team that we have coordinated has had a great experience. The LTRG coordinators will come through for you and they work very hard to make sure that you have a quality volunteer experience. They simply have to take it a few weeks at a time.


Community Lutheran Partners has teamed up with Captain Cindy Murphy and Operation "Not One More" in an effort to make sure every home in the West Virginia - Western Maryland Synod with children has a 10-year lithium battery smoke detector.  If you would like to partner with CLP in this project, please email or call Sherri. This is a great outreach opportunity for congregations!

Family Resource Networks (FRNs) are local coalitions working to improve services for children and families in their communities. FRNs assess community needs, develop local plans, promote changes, evaluate results, and assist agencies in improving the service delivery system. They increase community awareness of local and state issues that affect children and families, support local partnerships to maximize community investments, promote coordination of services, and promote opportunities for families to impact decisions that affect them.


West Virginia Family Resource Network

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